History Section

Qolaba's "History" section is a powerful tool that allows you to access and manage all the images you've generated using the platform's various features and models.

To access your generated content history, look for the "History" option on the left panel of the Qolaba dashboard.

Exploring Your Generated Images

Once in the History section, you'll be able to see a comprehensive list of all the images you've created using Qolaba's tools and models. This includes images generated through the Image to Image, Inpainting, Upscaling, and other features.

Reviewing Image Details

For each generated image, you'll be able to view details such as the model used, the prompt (if applicable), the settings, and the date and time of creation. This information can be valuable for understanding your creative process, replicating successful results, and tracking the evolution of your image generation skills.

Utilizing the Image Options

In the top right corner of each generated image, you'll find several useful options:

  • Copy Prompt: Allows you to copy the prompt used to generate the image, which can be helpful for reusing or refining your prompts.

  • Download Image: Lets you download the generated image for use in your projects or personal archives.

  • Share on Social Media: Provides a direct option to share the image on various social media platforms.

  • Get Shareable Public Link: Generates a link that you can use to share the generated image with others.

  • Modify Content Visibility: Allows you to make the content private, so it's only visible to you in the History section, or public, so it can be seen on the Qretive Wall.

  • Delete: Removes the generated image from your history.

Accessing Generation Settings

By clicking on a generated image, you can open a popup window that displays the settings and parameters used to create that particular image. This information can be valuable for understanding your creative process and replicating successful results.

Engaging with the Community

At the bottom of each generated image, you'll see the number of likes it has received from other Qolaba users. This can provide valuable feedback and recognition for your creative efforts.

The History section on Qolaba is a comprehensive tool that empowers you to manage, share, and learn from your generated content. By leveraging the various options and features, you can streamline your workflow, collaborate with others, and continuously improve your image generation skills.

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