Prompt Advancement

When generating images, users need to provide prompts to guide the AI model. This can be confusing for beginners, but Qolaba AI offers several helpful features to simplify the process and enhance the quality of the generated images.

Prompting Techniques

Magic Prompt

  • Functionality: Enhances basic prompts to more advanced ones.

  • Usage: Enter a basic prompt in the prompt section. Click the "Magic Prompt" button, and the AI algorithm will suggest 3-5 advanced prompts based on your input. These can be directly used to generate high-quality images.

  • Benefit: Simplifies the creation of effective prompts, making it easier to produce compelling images.

Style Presets

  • Functionality: Allows users to categorize their image style.

  • Usage: After entering your prompt, select a style preset from over 100 categories such as paper art, pixel art, anime, and cartoon.

  • Benefit: Ensures the generated image aligns with a specific artistic style, providing more control over the final outcome.


  • Functionality: Enables the use of advanced prompts through selectable keywords.

  • Usage: Choose keywords that align with desired image characteristics like lighting, background, or artist style. These keywords are automatically added to your main prompt.

  • Benefit: Gives users enhanced control over the nuances of the generated image.

Negative Prompts

  • Functionality: Specifies what to exclude from the image.

  • Usage: If unwanted elements like blurriness occur, enter "blurry" in the negative prompt box to prevent such features in the output.

  • Benefit: Improves image clarity by excluding undesired elements, ensuring cleaner and more precise visual results.

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