Qolaba's image editing suite includes a powerful "Upscaling" feature, which allows you to increase the resolution and quality of your generated images.

Accessing the Upscaling Tool

To access the Upscaling tool, navigate to the Qolaba dashboard and go to the "Image Editing" section.

Uploading or Selecting an Image

On the left panel, you'll find an option to either upload an image or choose from the images you've previously generated. Select the image you want to upscale.

Generating the Upscaled Image

After uploading or selecting the image, click the "Generate" option. The AI model will then upscale the image by a factor of 4, meaning that if the input image has a size of 1024x1024, the output image will be 4096x4096.

Upscaling Options

In addition to the 4x upscaling, Qolaba's Upscaling tool also offers the following options:

  • 2x upscaling

  • 8x upscaling

You can choose the upscaling factor that best suits your needs, depending on the quality and resolution requirements of your project.

Resetting and Editing the Images

If you need to start over or make changes to your settings, you can find a "Reset" button at the bottom of the right panel.

After generating the upscaled image, you can access the image editing tools by clicking the hamburger menu. For more details on the available editing features, please have a look at Image Editing Options Guide.

Protecting Your Private Content

Qolaba AI also offers a "Private Content" option, which allows you to keep your generated and edited images secure and hidden from others. For more information on this feature, refer to the Private Session Guide.

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