Qreative wall

Qolaba's platform features a unique "Qreative Wall" section, where you can discover and appreciate amazing public artworks created by other users.

Accessing the Qreative Wall

To access the Qreative Wall, look for the corresponding option on the left panel of the Qolaba dashboard.

Browsing the Public Artworks

Once you're in the Qreative Wall, you'll be able to see a collection of stunning images created by the Qolaba community. These artworks showcase the diverse creative potential of the platform's AI-powered image generation capabilities.

Exploring the Image Details

By clicking on an image, you can view the prompts and other settings used to generate that particular artwork. This information can be incredibly valuable, as it can provide you with insights and inspiration for creating similar types of content.

Engaging with the Community

Within the Qreative Wall, you'll also find options to "Like" the images you enjoy. This feature allows you to show your appreciation for the creators, which can help motivate them to continue generating amazing content.

Downloading Public Images

If you find an image that you'd like to use or keep, you can download it directly from the Qreative Wall. This can be a great way to build a library of inspiring visuals for your own projects or personal use.

The Qreative Wall on Qolaba is a unique and engaging way to explore the creative potential of AI-generated art. By browsing the public artworks, understanding the techniques used, and engaging with the community, you can gain valuable insights and inspiration for your own image generation endeavors.

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