Replace Background

Qolaba's image editing tools offer a powerful "Replace Background" feature, allowing you to seamlessly change the background of your images in various ways.

Accessing the Replace Background Tool

To access the Replace Background tool, first go to the Qolaba dashboard and navigate to the "Image Editing" section. In the tools dropdown, you'll find the "Replace Background" option.

Replacing with a Prompt-Generated Background

By default, the Replace Background tool will open a window where you can replace the background with a background generated through a prompt. You can enter a prompt, such as "beach" or "garden," and the AI model will generate a corresponding background to replace the original background of the image.

To use this feature, first upload an image using the option on the left panel.

Then, enter your desired prompt in the prompt section. You can refer to the Prompt Advancement for advanced techniques like magic prompts, keywords, negative prompts, and style presets.

Additionally, On the right-hand panel, you can choose the number of images you want to generate based on your prompt.

Once you've entered the prompt, click the "Generate" button to see the new background-replaced images.

Other Background Editing Options

In addition to the prompt-generated background, the Replace Background tool offers several other options:

  1. Replace with Image: Enable this option to replace the background with an image of your choice. After uploading the main image, you can upload the background image on the right panel and click "Generate" to see the result.

  1. Remove Background: Enable this option to remove the background and make it transparent.

  1. Blur Image Background: Enable this option to blur the background of the image.

  1. Change Background Color: Enable this option to change the background to a static color of your choice.

To use any of these options, simply enable the corresponding toggle button, upload the main image, and click "Generate" to see the edited result.

Resetting the Process

If you need to start over or make changes to your settings, you can find a "Reset" button at the bottom of the right panel.

Protecting Your Private Content

Qolaba AI also offers a "Private Content" option, which allows you to keep your generated and edited images secure and hidden from others. For more information on this feature, refer to the Private Session Guide.

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