Image Variation

Qolaba AI offers an "Image Variation" model, which is a community-developed version of Stable Diffusion. This specialized model allows you to generate multiple variations of a given image, enabling you to explore different creative directions and find the perfect result.

Accessing the Image Variation Model

To use the Image Variation model, navigate to the "Tools" section on the left panel and select the "Image Variation" option.

Providing the Prompt and Uploading an Image

After selecting the Image Variation model, you have the option to enter a prompt or text description in the prompt text box. However, if you prefer, you can simply click the "Generate" button without providing a prompt, and the model will generate variations based on the uploaded image alone.

For more information on crafting effective prompts, including the use of "magic prompts," style presets, negative prompts, and keywords, please refer to the Prompt Advancement section.

You can upload an image from the left panel, which the model will use as the starting point for generating the variations.

Configuring the Image Variation

On the right panel, you can select the number of images you want to generate.

Additionally, you'll find a "Strength" parameter, which allows you to control the intensity of the image variations. A higher value will result in variations that are more similar to the original image, while a lower value will lead to more diverse and divergent variations.

For more details on the "Prompt Guidance" setting, please refer to the Generation Settings.

In addition to the other settings you can configure, Qolaba AI also provides an option to select the inference type for image generation. This setting can be found on the left panel, right next to the "Generate" button. You can choose from three inference types: Normal, Fast, and Hyper. The Normal option is cost-efficient and fast, while the Fast and Hyper options can generate images more quickly but at a higher cost. For more details, please refer to the Generation Settings Guide.

Generating the Image Variations

Once you've configured all the desired settings, click the "Generate" button on the left panel to start the image variation process. The model will then generate multiple versions of the image based on your input.

Resetting and Editing the Images

If you need to start over or make changes to your settings, you can find a "Reset" option at the bottom of the right panel.

After generating the images, you can access the image editing tools by clicking the hamburger menu. For more details on the available editing features, please have a look at Image Editing Options Guide.

Protecting Your Private Content

Qolaba AI also offers a "Private Content" option, which allows you to keep your generated images secure and hidden from others. For more information on this feature, refer to the Private Session Guide.

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